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Allied-Pacifik SPC (“Allied”) is focused on alternative investments with a proactive view of the financial needs of publicly traded entities and their principal shareholders.

A global perspective and in depth understanding of local markets around the world allows Allied to be able to offer structured transactions tailored for the specific needs of both institutional and individual counterparties.

Experienced Team

Our diverse team brings expertise in investing, operations, lending, legal matters, and corporate finance, with a strong focus on leading financial and capital markets platforms in Wall Street and other major markets.

Over 50 years of combined experience in the international finance and capital markets.

• Cross-disciplined with substantial investing, operating, lending, legal and corporate finance expertise.

• Focused on building and leading financial and capital markets platforms on Wall Street as well as other major markets

Investment Focus

Our transactions mainly encompass Seasoned Equity Offerings and Security Backed Loans with publicly listed companies, alongside Security Backed Loans, Repos, and block purchases with individual shareholders. We are industry-agnostic, exploring a wide range of opportunities without outside investor constraints. This independence allows us to structure transactions creatively and efficiently, utilizing vehicles like:

• Security Backed Loans
• Seasoned Equity Offerings
• Convertible Facilities / Private Placements
• Bridge Loans
• Common Stock Purchases
• Debt Restructuring